Assembly Republicans select Bramnick, Bucco and Muñoz for top leadership positions

TRENTON, N.J. –  New Jersey Assembly Republicans unanimously voted today to retain their leadership with Jon Bramnick as minority leader, Anthony M. Bucco as conference leader and Nancy Muñoz as minority whip.


“While we will continue to be civil, we will do everything we can to make New Jersey more affordable for residents and defend taxpayers over the next two years,” said Bramnick (R-Union). “I am honored my colleagues have entrusted me to lead the fight against new taxes and more spending.”


“We need to come together on a plan to make New Jersey a better place for our taxpayers, families and seniors while standing up against bad policies that will hurt our economy and residents,” said Bucco (R-Morris).  “It takes courage and commitment to stand up for the many voices in our districts and that is exactly what we will do.”


“Now more than ever, our communities need us to work for everyday families,” said Muñoz (R-Union).  “We need to work for all our constituents and represent New Jersey to the best of our abilities.”