Assembly Republicans select Bramnick, Bucco and Muñoz for top leadership positions

TRENTON, N.J. –  New Jersey Assembly Republicans unanimously voted today to retain their leadership with Jon Bramnick as minority leader, Anthony M. Bucco as conference leader and Nancy Muñoz as minority whip.


“While we will continue to be civil, we will do everything we can to make New Jersey more affordable for residents and defend taxpayers over the next two years,” said Bramnick (R-Union). “I am honored my colleagues have entrusted me to lead the fight against new taxes and more spending.”


“We need to come together on a plan to make New Jersey a better place for our taxpayers, families and seniors while standing up against bad policies that will hurt our economy and residents,” said Bucco (R-Morris).  “It takes courage and commitment to stand up for the many voices in our districts and that is exactly what we will do.”


“Now more than ever, our communities need us to work for everyday families,” said Muñoz (R-Union).  “We need to work for all our constituents and represent New Jersey to the best of our abilities.”

Remember to Get Out and Vote Tomorrow!

With Election Day less than 24 hours away, I would like to thank all those who helped me through this process.  After knocking on thousands of doors throughout the 21st district and hearing my constituents’ voices,  it is apparent that my constituents are unhappy with the current direction in which the state is heading.  As the licensed registered nurse in the legislature, I will continue being the voice of women and children, while fighting against polices put forward by the majority party to raise our taxes and make our beloved state unaffordable for our families.

I have lived in Summit for 28 years, raised my five children here who all attended and succeeded at the public schools, and love living here. I have worked tirelessly during my time in the legislature on sensible fiscal legislation so my family and yours can continue to live, work and raise our families in the great State of New Jersey.

Unfortunately, New Jersey is at a crossroads today.  Democrats are running nasty attack ads against me and so many others across the state to shield their own agenda of raising taxes on families who are already struggling to survive in New Jersey.  Make no mistake, I am “your” voice in the Assembly, and I will continue to stand up and fight against those who want to make New Jersey unaffordable for middle class and working families who love this state just as much as I do.

Thank you in advance for your support and God Bless You.

Nancy F. Muñoz

The Eclipse of 2017!

Assembly Republican Whip Nancy Muñoz attended the Springfield Eclipse viewing celebration at the Springfield Municipal Pool Monday afternoon.



Nurses 4 Nancy Fundraiser

Assembly Republican Whip Nancy Muñoz met with nurses across D-21 and the State at Rockin’ Joe’s in Westfield on Saturday, August 5th!  Judith Schmidt, CEO NJSNA, Varsha Singh and Suzanne Drake, volunteers extraordinaire; and Mary Ellen Levine, NJSNA were all in attendance. Assemblywoman Muñoz was delighted to have a chance to meet many members of the most respected profession!

Nurses for Nancy Will Hold a Fundraiser for Assembly Minority Whip Nancy Muñoz

August 5th, 2017 from 9 AM to 11 AM

Rockin’ Joe Coffeehouse & Bistro

20 Prospect Street, Westfield, NJ 07090

Governor signs Muñoz and Bucco bill strengthening penalties for drunk drivers who kill someone

TRENTON, N.J. – Gov. Chris Christie signed legislation sponsored by Assemblywoman Nancy F. Muñoz and Assemblyman Anthony Bucco increasing penalties for deaths caused by drunk drivers. Ralph & David’s Law, named for two drunk driving victims, establishes a 3rd degree crime called strict liability vehicular homicide.

“The punishment will fit the crime with this new law,” said Muñoz (R-Union). “A drunk driver behind the wheel puts lives in danger. There will be a severe price to pay if they kill someone.”

The penalty for a crime of the third degree is three to five years in prison, a fine up to $15,000, or both. The law removes the presumption of non-imprisonment for first-time offenders.

“Getting a justifiable punishment for a drunk driver who takes a life has been extremely difficult,” said Bucco (R-Morris). “Thirty days for killing a little boy isn’t justice. Ralph & David’s Law addresses a serious weakness in our laws.”

David Heim was 13 years old in 2004 when he was run over and killed by a drunk driver who was sentenced to only 30 days in jail. Ralph Politi Jr. was a young businessman who was struck and fatally injured by an intoxicated driver who swerved on to the shoulder in 2012. The driver was acquitted of first-degree aggravated manslaughter and second-degree vehicular manslaughter.

Dancer-Muñoz-Bucco bill saluting the creation of the New Jersey State Police passes the Assembly

TRENTON, N.J. – A resolution (AJR-126/SJR85) commemorating the 95th anniversary of the first graduating class of New Jersey’s State Police, sponsored by Assembly Republicans Ron Dancer, Nancy F. Muñoz and Anthony M. Bucco, was advanced by the General Assembly today.

“At a time when the law enforcement community around the country is under attack, it’s especially important to take a moment to honor and commemorate New Jersey’s finest for a job well done,” said Dancer (R-Ocean). “The members and staff of New Jersey’s State Police comprise one of the most prestigious law enforcement agencies in the nation and world. These exceptional men and women put their lives on the line every day to serve and protect.”

Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf, a West Point graduate, was appointed as the agency’s first superintendent on July 1, 1921. Its success is attributed to his vision for expanding the state police’s mission beyond the apprehension of criminals.

“New Jersey’s State Police have served our state and its residents with integrity and professionalism for nearly a century,” said Muñoz (R-Union). “Since that first graduating class in March 1921, our state police force has embraced then Superintendent Schwarzkopf’s vision. Today they are instrumental in preventing crimes by educating the public about ways to protect themselves and their neighborhoods. This resolution demonstrates our gratitude for all they do.”

The joint resolution commemorates the establishment and service of the New Jersey State Police and celebrates the 95th anniversary of its first graduating class.

“Guided by the rule of ‘honor, duty and fidelity,’ New Jersey’s State Police not only perform their everyday duties in our communities, but they are often called upon to support localities around the country during disaster relief efforts and civil unrest,” said Bucco (R-Morris). “They go above and beyond to safeguard our citizens here in New Jersey and beyond.”

Gov. signs Muñoz bills ensuring better delivery of healthcare

TRENTON, N.J. – Three bills sponsored by Assemblywoman Nancy F. Muñoz improving healthcare for New Jersey residents have been signed by Gov. Chris Christie.

The first bill (S2058/A671) adds two nurse educators to the state Board of Nursing, which licenses and regulates the nursing profession. The nurses must be RNs, have a least five years’ nursing experience and have taught registered nurses.

“As the delivery of healthcare continues to change, the way nursing students are educated needs to evolve as well,” said Muñoz (R-Union). “We must constantly rethink teaching methods to better prepare today’s nursing students for the increasing complexity of health care demands. Giving nurse educators a voice on the board will help us provide students with a thorough and comprehensive nursing education.”

The second measure (S2331/A3962) creates a tuition reimbursement program for psychiatrists who work in underserved areas of the state.

“The lack of access to psychiatric care in New Jersey is an alarming problem that has been going on for years and is growing worse. There aren’t enough psychiatrists to meet the demand for their services and, for individuals fortunate to get an appointment, the wait times can be one to two months or longer. That isn’t acceptable,” Muñoz said. “This measure won’t solve the crisis, but it’s a good starting point. Providing tuition reimbursement will allow us to begin to create an environment where behavioral health care providers will want to practice in our state.

New Jersey provides tuition reimbursement programs for primary care physicians and dentists to promote access to primary care services in medically underserved areas. It also administers the nursing faculty loan redemption program that was established to address the current and projected critical shortage of nurse faculty.

The third bill (S1295/A3701) ensures more stringent regulation of licensed respiratory care professionals who perform a variety of therapies and diagnostic tests to aid physicians in determining proper treatment for cardio-respiratory conditions.

Newly Appointed Assembly Republican Whip Nancy Muñoz participated in the NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking Panel

Assemblywoman Muñoz  was asked by the NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking to be part of the panel discussion following the screening of “I am Jane Doe” on Tuesday, July 18th. The NJ Coalition Against Human wants to help close the loopholes in the CDA Act of 1996 by supporting HR 1865, the “Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Trafficking Act of 2017”.  Call your US Senators and Congressman/woman and ask them to sign on to this important legislation!!  “Let’s do everything we can to protect people–many of them children–from sex Trafficking!” said Assemblywoman Muñoz on the issue.

Muñoz Bill to Protect Health Care Personnel Who Work With Chemo Drugs Signed By Governor


TRENTON, N.J. – Legislation Assemblywoman Nancy F. Muñoz sponsors to protect healthcare personnel who handle hazardous chemotherapy drugs was signed today by Governor Christie.

“Cancer treatment often consists of a combination of chemo drugs, which are very potent. These powerful drugs may expose workers to a number of serious short-term and chronic effects,” said Muñoz (R-Union). “Providing potentially lifesaving medicine and comfort to cancer patients is very rewarding, but can be emotionally stressful. Health care professionals don’t need the added burden of worrying about adverse effects from the drugs they are administering. They deserve a safe work environment.”

The bill (A837/S468), the “Hazardous Drug Safe Handling Act,” requires the state Commissioner of Health, the Director of Consumer Affairs and a stakeholder group, including a NJ State Society of Physician Assistants representative to establish rules and regulations for the safe handling of chemotherapy drugs by health care personnel in a health care setting, including pharmacies, or an animal or veterinary facility. This includes physicians, physician’s assistants, nurses and pharmacists. The regulations will follow the most recent recommendations of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and the CDC.

The regulations will provide guidelines on necessary precautions and controls to eliminate or minimize exposure; use of protective equipment; safe handling practices, including handling, receiving, storage, preparing, administering, waste handling, cleaning, housekeeping, labeling and signage, and spill control and response procedures. Employers will also be required to provide hazardous drugs training to all employees who have or are likely to have occupational exposure to hazardous drugs.

Hazardous drugs, including antineoplastic drugs used in chemotherapy, have been associated with a number of adverse acute and chronic effects, including skin rashes, infertility, miscarriage, birth defects, various cancers, and damage to the liver, kidneys, bone marrow, heart and lungs.